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Curt and I got engaged a month ago, on November 15, 2011. We chose the sapphire because it was the best fit: literally, yes, as it didn’t have to be resized. But I liked the way the stone’s color stood out with my skin tone. How it looks like a little bridge on my finger, … Continue reading

About Unveiling Aphrodite

Unveiling Aphrodite began as The Soul Mate Project, a blog and survey designed to understand my concept of “soul mates” after the person I had once designated as my soul mate died suddenly in a car accident. After polling my friend group for their definitions of “soul mate” and their ideas on what books, films, … Continue reading

The Beginnings

It all started when the first guy I ever loved, John, died in a car accident in January. I felt like the ground under me had been lifted, and I still don’t know if I’ve been put down again, or if I ever will be. People told me how beautifully I was handling myself, and … Continue reading