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Food and Memory

Inspiration: Best Food Writing 2010, Ed. Holly Hughes. Essay: “Time to Respect the Ramen,” by Kevin Pang. “Ramen was the first food I learned to cook at age 10—drop noodle brick in boiling water, empty sodium packet—and here it was, in the middle of Tokyo’s Shinagawa neighborhood, a dish redefined.” What I love here is … Continue reading

Retracing Roots

Watching Top Chef All-Stars last night rang so true to what I’m attempting to capture in this blog: the relationship between heritage and family on food, home, and love. I felt a twinge when the contestants were challenged to cook from their heritage, their genealogies having been researched for them. And I cried when the … Continue reading

Le Creuset

Le Creuset Dutch oven and onion soup bowls Yesterday, I received a package that I’d been waiting for since last week: the blaze-colored Le Creuset 7.25 quart Dutch oven and two French onion soup bowls, those lovely stoneware bowls with the handle that you see in any brasserie attempting authenticity (favorites here in NYC are … Continue reading

The Kitchen

Why is that my happiest childhood memories seem to revolve around the home where we had the largest, brightest kitchen? Well, maybe not the largest, brightest one – the one in Florida was larger and brighter. But this one was homiest. Perhaps it was the yellow and white tinge of the wallpaper. The windows that … Continue reading