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Traveling to Queens: Eating Greek diner in Astoria, culture at PS1 MoMA, and Chinese food in Flushing.

Traveling to Queens: Eating Greek diner in Astoria, culture at PS1 MoMA, and Chinese food in Flushing.

Traveling to Queens: Eating Greek diner in Astoria, culture at PS1 MoMA, and Chinese food in Flushing. Continue reading


How I study Food

Originally written January 8, 2013.  In the last few months, I’ve decided to start taking the study and practice of food, cooking, and culture more seriously, creating for myself a study plan in the manner of self-directed Goddard studies. As I decided to embark on a serious, directed study on food, I wondered where I … Continue reading

Just published: The Traveling Adobo

My essay, “The Traveling Adobo,” has been published by Cha, an Asian literary journal based in Hong Kong. Please follow the hyperlinked titles to access my essay and the magazine, which hosts some wonderful, vivid writing. I couldn’t have written this essay without my mom’s stories on how she learned to cook, and in turn … Continue reading

Adventures in Veganism: Moustache Pitza

A few weeks ago, Curt and I were preparing for his brother Timmy (Tim, for those who met him as a grownup) to visit New York. Timmy recently told Curt that he was excited to come up to NYC, because he was excited to check out all the vegan restaurants. Wha? The last time Curt … Continue reading

Reflections on Thanksgiving, 2011

Reflections on Thanksgiving, 2011

Straddling a small suitcase that just fit under the seat in front of me, full of prepped food on a packed Chinatown bus to Baltimore, the day before Thanksgiving. The same suitcase taken back to NYC, now filled with leftovers and food gifts from Florida. A grown Swedish man carving his first turkey, after learning … Continue reading

About Retrieving Hestia

In Greek mythology, Hestia’s domain is the hearth: the still point, the fire, the center of the home. Though her stories are few, she was beloved in every public space and private home in the ancient Greek world. Her domain grew to include the activities performed in the hearth, namely cooking. She protected those who … Continue reading

Food and Memory

Inspiration: Best Food Writing 2010, Ed. Holly Hughes. Essay: “Time to Respect the Ramen,” by Kevin Pang. “Ramen was the first food I learned to cook at age 10—drop noodle brick in boiling water, empty sodium packet—and here it was, in the middle of Tokyo’s Shinagawa neighborhood, a dish redefined.” What I love here is … Continue reading

Cooking with Girl Power

A few words about last night’s Top Chef All-Stars Episode: The girls left (Antonia and Tiffany) take the win for the Quickfire Challenge, a challenge about consistency. The boys (Richard and Mike) have sour grapes, as Antonia says, about the girls’ win. Mike even goes so far to say, “if I had to make their … Continue reading

Retracing Roots

Watching Top Chef All-Stars last night rang so true to what I’m attempting to capture in this blog: the relationship between heritage and family on food, home, and love. I felt a twinge when the contestants were challenged to cook from their heritage, their genealogies having been researched for them. And I cried when the … Continue reading