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Just published: The Traveling Adobo

My essay, “The Traveling Adobo,” has been published by Cha, an Asian literary journal based in Hong Kong. Please follow the hyperlinked titles to access my essay and the magazine, which hosts some wonderful, vivid writing. I couldn’t have written this essay without my mom’s stories on how she learned to cook, and in turn … Continue reading

Filipino Comfort Food: Sinigang

Filipino Comfort Food: Sinigang

Last week I made sinigang, a Filipino sour pork broth flavored with tomatoes and tamarind. Curtis had been complaining of a sore throat for the previous two days, and when he’s sick, he either wants sinigang (which he adds Sambal hot sauce to, so it clears his sinuses), or chicken and dumpling soup. [NOTE FROM CURTIS: It’s not … Continue reading

About Retrieving Hestia

In Greek mythology, Hestia’s domain is the hearth: the still point, the fire, the center of the home. Though her stories are few, she was beloved in every public space and private home in the ancient Greek world. Her domain grew to include the activities performed in the hearth, namely cooking. She protected those who … Continue reading