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Preserving Tomatoes

Preserving Tomatoes

In late September, my husband and I bought 25 pounds of San Marzano tomatoes from the Union Square Greenmarket.  The goal: preservation. I did it once before, two years ago. We bought about 5-8 pounds then and I did the work myself. It only yielded about two or three quart-freezer bags. The following February, when … Continue reading

Women in the Kitchen: A Reflection

This is a freewrite I wrote on January 26, 2013, with the intention of posting it on this blog; and then archived it because I thought it needed more research and work. But in the spirit of writing with fewer hangups, I’ll be posting more pieces that I intended to make into longer essays (and … Continue reading

About Retrieving Hestia

In Greek mythology, Hestia’s domain is the hearth: the still point, the fire, the center of the home. Though her stories are few, she was beloved in every public space and private home in the ancient Greek world. Her domain grew to include the activities performed in the hearth, namely cooking. She protected those who … Continue reading

Cooking with Girl Power

A few words about last night’s Top Chef All-Stars Episode: The girls left (Antonia and Tiffany) take the win for the Quickfire Challenge, a challenge about consistency. The boys (Richard and Mike) have sour grapes, as Antonia says, about the girls’ win. Mike even goes so far to say, “if I had to make their … Continue reading

Retracing Roots

Watching Top Chef All-Stars last night rang so true to what I’m attempting to capture in this blog: the relationship between heritage and family on food, home, and love. I felt a twinge when the contestants were challenged to cook from their heritage, their genealogies having been researched for them. And I cried when the … Continue reading

Le Creuset

Le Creuset Dutch oven and onion soup bowls Yesterday, I received a package that I’d been waiting for since last week: the blaze-colored Le Creuset 7.25 quart Dutch oven and two French onion soup bowls, those lovely stoneware bowls with the handle that you see in any brasserie attempting authenticity (favorites here in NYC are … Continue reading

The Kitchen

Why is that my happiest childhood memories seem to revolve around the home where we had the largest, brightest kitchen? Well, maybe not the largest, brightest one – the one in Florida was larger and brighter. But this one was homiest. Perhaps it was the yellow and white tinge of the wallpaper. The windows that … Continue reading