One City, One Prompt: participant writings

On September 18, 2011, two groups gathered together to take part in “Connecting Words and People in Community,” a writing workshop scheduled as part of the One City, One Prompt project: Sherry Reiter’s poetry therapy mentees of The Creative “Righting” Center; and SwirlNYC Writer’s Circle, a group that I facilitate monthly, writing on the topics of race and identity.

I have written a reflection of the event for the One City, One Prompt website, which can be accessed here. In addition, some of the participants have generously shared the works they created during the workshop, which are publicly available here. The website also shares works and reflections from other One City, One Prompt events around the nation, all focused on the 2011 theme, “community.” The works are presented beautifully: the website truly gives honor to the facilitators who create prompts for writers, and to the writers who brave the writing process and share works that they’ve created on the spot and in a limited time frame. A wonderful testimony to the Transformative Language Arts writing and facilitation process.


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