Making connections: an introduction

I am using my blog to explore four main projects:

Retrieving Hestia: A project exploring the subjects of food, family, and home. In this study, I look at how food, family, and home are portrayed in reality TV competition shows, memoirs, food history, and anthropological food studies.

Unveiling Aphrodite: A continuation of my Goddard study, exploring the mythology of romantic love in films, TV, and ancient literature. I look at how the ancient myths and fairy tales have influenced the stories we continue to tell today, and what the continuation of these stories might mean for our understanding of how romantic love is “supposed to be.”

Uniting Persephone: This project fleshes out an aspect of Goddard study: the necessity for girls and women to discover her authentic voice by undertaking a metaphorical descent to the underworld. My scholarship on this subject examines the way that women have been silenced in pop culture, Disney movies, and fairy tales and how they’ve retrieved their authentic voice by traveling to the Underworld in ancient Greek and Sumerian myth.

Photography: A project that represents my still-developing eye, with posts of food, nature, architecture, art, and travel. I will also be exploring themes and abstract concepts in this blog, and how they may be illustrated by concrete images.

While each project has its own focus, they cross disciplinary boundaries, bleed and lead into each other. As such, I have combined them into one blog project, a choice that I hope will strengthen the connections between these threads over time.


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