Midnight Radio

I know a number of my posts so far have to do with Hedwig and the Angry Inch , but I have to admit that I see her journey as a metaphor, parallel for this entire project. She sees herself as someone who believes in magic, the fatalistic undertones that play the soundtrack of her life, believes that she’s borne upon a wave that leaves her with no choices. As a seeker for her other half, all of her life, the resolution is an elegant one – that it was within her all along.

“Know in your soul
like the blood knows the way
from your heart to your brain
knows that you’re whole.”
– from “Midnight Radio,” Hedwig

JL quoted this to me when she introduced me to Hedwig. I wrote it down, as part of her contribution to the Soul Mate Project. But I didn’t get it until the other night. I was watching all of the songs from Hedwig (a handy option on the DVD), and within the context of the film, as the resolution, as the climax it makes so much sense. Usually resolution and climax aren’t the same thing, but since the movie leads up to her realization, her awareness of self, the reveal of this awareness (that she’s whole), makes it that much more significant.

I had been asking, “know what in your soul?” But when you see the movie, when Hedwig clasps Yitzhak’s hand at this verse, you understand that what you’re supposed to know is “it,” a knowledge that can’t be described in words (and may account for the scattered nature of my thoughts here).

“Know in your soul
like your blood knows the way
from your heart to your brain
knows that you’re whole.”


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