East vs. West

The other day I was doing my Osho Zen Tarot cards, a game that I often use to clarify my state of mind, or at least chill me out for the moment. The particular card that stood out to me was Abundance, or the King of Rainbows. The figure in the card is one that conjoins male and female symbols,wisdom and emotion, and all of the natural elements (earth, fire, wind, water). If you are a woman, the King of Rainbows is meant to bring the support of your own male energies into your life, “a union with the soul mate within.”

Now this has added a new dimension to my soul mate research. We, as westerners, tend to think of the soul mate as someone outside oneself, someone who either complements or matches your soul, who “fits” your soul. But in Eastern philosophy, it seems that the duality, the mating of the soul, is believed to be present in oneself. The yin yang.

The difference, here, may be in the perception of the “self” and what makes that self “whole.” If we believe that we are only complete with another person, we would tend to go for the first definition. But if we believe that we are already complete,then we might think twice about accepting the idea that we are only “whole” with another person.

Of course there are camps that don’t believe a soul mate “completes” you, but complements you. Makes your life better, but is someone you could exist without. But that’s fodder for a different post.


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